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Health Promotion

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Our Health Promotion staff and Wellness Resource Center volunteers are committed to helping people make informed, voluntary, and health-promoting behavior changes, by thinking critically about lifestyle choices that will enhance wellbeing and academic success. We offer a tobacco cessation program, low-cost bike, ski, and skateboard safety equipment sales, and condoms at greatly discounted prices. Information about ways to improve your health are available, through such publications as Thirteen Ways to Tune-Up Your Health: Your Guide to Staying in Tip-Top Physical and Mental Condition.

Learn more about the Condom Club

The Condom Club gives you an inexpensive way to purchase condoms, as well as the opportunity to try different brands and styles. The base rate is five male condoms for $1.00, with an even better deal if you buy a larger quantity (55 for $10).

Want to stop smoking? Hall Health can help!

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health. If you want to try a new way of quitting, a unique program is available at Hall Health. 

Get low-cost safety and exercise equipment

A registered student organization (SHAQ) promotes safe exercise through sales of low-cost bike helmets, lights, locks, other cycling accessories, pedometers, plus helmets for skiing/snowboarding and skateboarding/rollerblading.