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Body Acceptance Group

Group Therapy

Are you someone who:

  • Is constantly thinking about your food, weight or body image?
  • Have difficulty concentrating because of these thoughts?
  • Experience guilt or shame around eating?
  • Feel "out of control" when it comes to food?

The Body Project

This group will be a combination of a psychoeducation group– using 'The Body Project' workbooks, developed for promotion of body acceptance and the prevention of eating disorders; and a process group, in which members share their personal experience.

Benefits of the Body Acceptance Group

Participants learn skills that increase body satisfaction, decrease unhealthy weight control behaviors, and prevent eating disorder symptoms. The second part of the intervention is designed to help participants make gradual and permanent lifestyle changes to achieve a healthy body weight. It teaches how to eat for energy balance, make healthy food choices, and incorporate physical exercise into a daily routine.

Group Details

This 8-week course is designed to offer support, education and an opportunity to explore personal relationships between food, mood and body image. No prior knowledge or experience is required. This group is not appropriate for those who are currently struggling with a significant eating disorder; but is open to those who are currently in recovery.

  • Where:  Mental Health Clinic at Hall Health Center
  • When:  See Current Schedule, Mondays, 3-4:30pm
  • Session Length:  8-weeks
  • More Information:
    • o If you would like to enroll, contact the Mental Health Clinic at (206) 543-5030.
    • If you have questions about the course, e-mail or phone the group leader, Rachel Gerken, LMHC, at  (206) 221-2449 or