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Physical Therapy

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Our skilled physical therapists are proficient in spine and core stabilization, video gait and running analysis, instruction in individualized exercise training programs, manual therapy techniques, ergonomic assessments, basic bicycle fitting, post-surgical rehabilitation, and in identifying and treating musculoskeletal imbalances and sports injuries, including with acupuncture.

Hours and appointments

Appointments: (206) 685-1044

8AM-6PM -- Monday-Friday
Closed:  Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays

You need a referral to see a physical therapist. The referral must be faxed to the billing department at (206) 221-0922 before you schedule an appointment. Read more about your first visit.

Warm-up program to reduce injuries

Check out FIFA 11+, an evidence-based warm-up program specially designed for soccer players to reduce injuries.

Does the weather cause back pain?

Do you blame the rain when your back starts to ache? New evidence on the relationship between weather and back pain might surprise you.