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Routine appointments

Urgent questions

For urgent questions or needs during clinic hours, contact our consulting nurse.

If you have an urgent medical problem and want to see someone go to Patient Services Center and ask to speak with the consulting nurse. Please allow time to wait.

How to contact your Primary Care Provider

With non-urgent questions or concerns, you can always reach your provider through the online e-care system.

If you need to contact your Primary Care Provider to ask a question, to receive lab results, or other general issues, the best way to do this is through your provider's Medical Assistant (MA). Below is a list of providers and medical assistants with phone numbers. Voicemail is checked frequently throughout the day and your call will be returned promptly.

Please leave a detailed message, including the spelling of your name, and a call-back phone number.

Primary Care Provider

Medical Assistant

Jennifer Melsher, ARNP

Baby Tafia, (206) 616-2863

Kevin Carrabine, ARNP

Kylie Fossum, (206) 616-2860

Mark Jacokes, MD

Abbey Weldu, (206) 685-0793

Lili Church, MD

Ella Voronchuk, (206) 616-9358

Diane DerBoghosian, ARNP

Elaine Greig, (206) 685-1045

D.C. Dugdale, MD

Kalena Kerby, (206) 616-2861

Lisa Erlanger, MD

Azeb Kassa, (206) 616-3802

Bill Neighbor, MD

Ella Voronchuk, (206) 616-9358

Sara Mackenzie, MD, MPH

Azeb Kassa, (206) 616-3802

Marté McCadden, ARNP

Elaine Greig, (206) 685-1045

Britt Murphy, ARNP

Kylie Fossum, (206) 616-2860

Tanya Smith, MD

Baby Tafia, (206) 616-2863

Patrice Staiger, ARNP

Kalena Kerby, (206) 616-2861

Anne Terry, ARNP

Jessica Dy, (206) 616-6997

Evelyn Vinopal, MD

Jessica Dy, (206) 616-6997

Mary Watts, MD

Kalena Kerby, (206) 616-2861