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What is a Primary Care Provider?

Why primary care providers?

Primary care providers (or PCPs) are those physicians and Nurse Practitioners who deliver comprehensive health care in the clinic setting. This means they take care of a wide variety of problems--acute medical illnesses such as common colds, sinus infections, stomach problems, and skin rashes, for example, but also more chronic health problems like acne, depression, asthma, high blood pressure, and allergies.

Primary care providers also do physicals and annual women's health care examinations, counsel their patients on healthy lifestyle choices, and recommend and prescribe birth control pills and other medicines. In sum, they provide total health care and work closely with specialists in other fields of health and medicine to keep their patients (you!) healthy.

We urge each patient of Hall Health Center to develop a relationship with the provider of their choosing. The more you and your provider get to know each other, the more personalized and satisfying the care can become.

Please ask any of our staff at any time if you have a question about how and when to pick a primary care provider for your ongoing health care.

Scheduling with your provider

To schedule an appointment with a Hall Health Primary Care Clinic or Family Health Clinic provider, contact our Patient Service Center.  If you are an established patient, you may also schedule through our e-care system.

If you have difficulty scheduling an appointment with your primary care provider, please call your provider's medical assistant (MA) directly. You can find contact information on our Primary Care Clinic Contact Us page or our Family Health Clinic Contact Us page.