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Family Planning

The Family Planning Consulting Nurse can:

  • Talk with you and your partner together or separately about options for birth control.
  • Provide pregnancy testing and help you explore options for planned or unplanned pregnancy.

Birth control options

Did you know that there are a wide array of birth control options? Our Consulting Nurse can provide you with expert information on methods from emergency contraception to the IUD and everything in between.

Pregnancy testing and options counseling

You can go in person to the Patient Service Center (PSC) and ask to talk with the Consulting Nurse without an appointment. The Consulting Nurse will talk with you and can order a pregnancy test. The results are usually available the same day.

If you are pregnant, the Consulting Nurse can provide you with referrals to outside providers for abortion care or assist you in finding a prenatal care provider. Hall Health Center's own obstetrician-gynecologist provides prenatal care in the Women's Health clinic with delivery at the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC).

Additional resources

Contact Hall Health Center.

The most important advice is to stay as healthy as possible before and during your pregnancy. Read about boosting your chances for a health pregnancy.

If you are an expectant mother attending school or working at the UW, you'll be glad to know about the Hall Health lactation station.