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Pap Tests

What is Pap test?

  • A Pap test is a test to screen for cervical cancer.

A Pap test is taken by collecting cells from the surface of the cervix and using a small soft brush to collect cells from the small canal that goes from the cervix into the uterus. These cells are evaluated under a microscope by an expert for abnormal cells. An annual physical exam and Pap test are by far the best means of protecting yourself against the development of dysplasia associated with HPV infections.

What if you have an abnormal pap test?

Our clinicians do colposcopy and LEEP as indicated for women who have had abnormal pap tests. Call Women's Clinic at 206-616-5259 to schedule these appointments.

A Pap test does NOT screen for STDs other then HPV.

  • If you are sexually active and you are at risk for STDs, you should have a yearly screening for Chlamydia, HIV, and other sexually transmitted infections. If you are not sure, you should ask your health care provider.
  • If you are using hormonal contraception, including birth control pills, you should see your provider yearly for symptom review, blood pressure check, and an exam if indicated.