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Directions & Parking

Our location (4060 E. Stevens Way NE)

Where to park

Location of parking meters reserved for Hall Health patients

There are four parking meters reserved for Hall Health Center patients at the south end, lower level of the N-16 lot of the Padelford Parking Garage; these can be used for up to an hour for appointments or visiting at Hall Health. The hourly rate for parking in the metered spaces is $3.00. Quarters, dimes, and nickels are accepted, but not credit or Husky cards. To use these meters you DO NOT need to stop at a UW parking gate house.

Parking if you're disabled, pregnant or accompanied by small children

If you need disability or wheelchair parking, please inform the gatehouse traffic guide. If you are pregnant, accompanied by small children, or disabled in any way, you may ask to be directed to the N-22 parking lot located across the street (Stevens Way) from Hall Health Center. 

Other places to park

The closest parking lots to Hall Health Center for able-bodied patients are in the Padelford Parking Garage (Lots N-18, N-20, and N-21) located north of Hall Health Center. Please be aware that parking in the Padelford Parking Garage will require taking an escalator uphill or walking upstairs to the main entrance of Hall Health Center that is located on Stevens Way. You may ask for a parking permit and directions to the Padelford Parking Garage from the gatehouse traffic guide.

All visitors to the campus who require non-metered parking must stop at one of the parking gates located at one of the entrances: 

Cost of non-metered parking

A $15.00 parking fee ($5.00 after 5 p.m.) is required upon entering the campus, some of which may be refundable when you leave (depending on length of time spent on campus...see the information below). Stop at a gatehouse as you exit campus for a prorated refund if you parked on campus for less than 4 hours. Cash and Visa/Mastercard payments are accepted. Prorated refunds are available whether payment is made with cash or Visa/Mastercard.

UW Daytime rates - entry from 6am-5pm, M-F
30min-1hr – $3
Over 1 hour to 2 hour – $6
Over 2 hours to 3 hours – $9
Over  3 hours to 4 hours – $11
Over four hours – $15
More information about daily parking permits and prorated refunds can be found at UW Commuting Services.

Additional information

Additional information about getting to UW, parking, and maps are available through UW Commuting Services.  

Where to check in at Hall Health Center

When you enter Hall Health Center via the main entrance (on the 1st floor), the Patient Services Center (registration and check-in) will be on your right. All patients must check in at the Patient Services Center for every visit.

Directions by car

From I-5

  • From I-5, take the NE 45th Street exit.
  • Continue east about one quarter mile to 15th Avenue NE.

    Option 1:
  • Turn right onto 15th Avenue NE. Head south on 15th Avenue to NE 40st Street/Stevens Way.
  • Turn left and stop at Gate #5 for directions and a parking permit


Option 2:

  • Continue east on NE 45th Street to 17th Avenue NE/Memorial Way.
  • Turn right onto 17th Avenue NE/Memorial Way.
  • Head south on 17th Avenue NE/Memorial Way and stop at Gate #2 for directions and a parking permit.

From 520

  • Take the first exit off SR520; the sign will point to Montlake Boulevard NE.
  • Cross the Montlake Bridge and bear right past the stadium.
  • Get in the left lane and bear left when Montlake branches off.
  • This turns into 25th Ave. NE .
  • Turn left at the second light onto Pend Oreille Road. Follow the road up the hill to the gatehouse #3.
  • Stop at the gatehouse for directions and a parking permit. Request disability parking if needed.
  • Continue past the gatehouse until you come to a stop sign.
  • Turn left onto E. Stevens Way.
  • Hall Health is the second building on the left.

From Pacific Avenue

  • Turn north onto 15th Ave. NE from Pacific Ave.
  • Turn right at the first stop light onto the campus.
  • Stop at the gatehouse for directions and a parking permit. Request disability parking if needed.
  • Drive past the gatehouse. At the stop sign, turn right onto Stevens Way.
  • Stay on Stevens Way as it loops around.
  • When you come to a stop sign, cross it.

Getting to Hall Health Center by bus

If you prefer to snooze, sightsee or read on the way, you can travel to the clinic by Metro bus; there are 19 bus routes that stop a block away from our building.  Use King County Metro's Trip Planner to determine which bus to take.