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Hall Health: Stimulant Medication Use for Treating ADHD

Important Fact Sheet for Psychostimulant Use for ADD/ADHD

Hall Health: Stimulant medication use for treating ADHD

What are stimulants?

Stimulants are one of the medicines used to treat ADHD in adults and children.

These medicines work well to treat the symptoms of ADHD about 70-80% of the time. They work by affecting natural chemicals in your brain called neurotransmitters (NT).

There are many stimulants available to treat ADHD. Some common names for these medicines include:

  • Adderall
  • Concerta
  • Dexedrine
  • Daytrana
  • Metadate
  • Methylin
  • Ritalin (short-acting)
  • Vyvanse
  • Focalin
  • Strattera

Many of these are available in both regular and long acting forms.

Side effects of stimulant medications

  • Decreased appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Insomnia
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dry mouth
  • Headache
  • Mood changes

Some people should not take stimulant medications. If you have ever had any of the following health issues stimulants may not be a good choice for you:

  • Uncontrolled blood pressure
  • Presence of irregular heartbeat
  • Structural heart abnormalities
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • History of drug abuse/psychosis and/or schizophrenia
  • Narrow angle glaucoma
  • Use of MAOI in the past 14 days

How to be safe when taking stimulant medication

Take these medications only if they have been prescribed for you. Take only the dose you have been prescribed.

Give your health care provider a complete history of past physical and mental health problems.

Please take a dose of your stimulant medicine 1-2 hours before your nurse or provider appointment. This will allow your provider to get a true blood pressure reading while you are taking your medications.

Hall Health: Legal issues with stimulant medications

Stimulants are a “controlled” medication. They are listed with the Federal DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration).

There are strict rules that you and your health care provider must follow when these medications are prescribed for you.

  • Do not give your medicine to anyone. This is illegal and can be dangerous.
  • Keep your medication in a safe and secure place
  • Follow your provider’s instructions while taking your medication at any time.
  • Do not increase your dose without consulting your provider.

Hall Health and controlled medication refills

You must have an appointment at Hall Health and full documentation of the ADHD diagnosis. Then you may be considered for use of stimulants medications.

Hall Health ADHD stimulant medication refill policy, for patients:

  • Stimulants are refilled only by the patient’s primary care provider or their designee
  • Hall Health requires regular appointments and a 48-hour notice for refills.
  • Hall Health will not refill lost or stolen prescriptions
  • Timing of refills and appointments will be at the provider’s discretion.
  • Hall Health does not refill stimulants for patients that are not cared for at Hall Health for their ADHD care.

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