The Dangers of Edible and Concentrated Marijuana Products

The Dangers of Edible and Concentrated Marijuana Products

rsz_marijuana-ediblesWith the legalization of marijuana in Washington State, a wide variety of pot products have flooded the market. These products can be especially dangerous for children, who can easily overdose, as well as for adults, who may not be aware of their potency.

Overdosing on the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, can lead to panic attacks, hallucinations, and intense paranoia, as described in an article by a New York Times columnist. In March of 2015, a 19-year-old jumped to his death after eating marijuana products.

The danger is especially pronounced among young children, who may be drawn to sweet edibles or the small tubes that hold concentrated marijuana. A 2015 study found that marijuana exposure among young children increased significantly between 2003 and 2013.


Pot users should be especially cautious with the following:

  • “Dabs,” which also known as hash oil or budder is made by filling a tube with marijuana, and then forcingdabs butane through the tube. The concentrated resin created through this process is then heated and inhaled through a water pipe or vaporizer. One gram contains 20-30% THC, compared to 3-6% in regular pot.
  • “Edibles,” such as chocolate bars, cooking oils, tea, cookies, soda and others can contain as much as 180 grams of THC (an average adult dose is around 10 mg), and not all products are labeled with dosage information.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should avoid using marijuana products all together. If using pot, make sure to keep all products and paraphernalia out of reach in childproof containers. If you suspect a marijuana overdose, dial 911.

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