Insurance Plans

Finding out about your insurance coverage

Hall Health Tax ID Number (TIN): 91-1220843

Call your insurance company and give them our tax identification number (TIN).  This number will let your insurance know exactly where the services will be provided, and will help in clarifying what services will be covered when visiting Hall Health clinics and services.

I-SHIP and GAIP insurance
Many UW students have insurance purchased through the university known as the the UW International Student Health Insurance Plan (I-SHIP).  If you have I-SHIP, information about what the plan covers is available online.

Similarly, many graduate students who are employed as research assistants (RAs) or teaching assistants (TAs) have the Graduate Appointee Insurance Plan (GAIP)Information about GAIP coverage is available online.

If you have I-SHIP or GAIP, you may receive discounted services at Hall Health and at the Hall Health pharmacy.

UW employee insurance plans

Other types of UW employees may have insurance through Kaiser, Group Health or Uniform Medical Plan.  If you have Kaiser or Group Health insurance, services at Hall Health will not be covered by your plan.  However, Uniform Medical Plan (administered by Regence) is contracted with Hall Health.  For more information about health insurance for UW employees, visit UW Human Resources.

Contracted insurance plans

Hall Health Center accepts many major health insurance plans, both in- and out-of-state.  Due to constant changes in the health insurance marketplace, we only list a few individual companies that are certain to

work with us:

Please call your insurance company to verify eligibility in our network, as there are  often limitations within each plan.

Read more information for students about the Affordable Care Act.

Need additional help?

For further questions, please call our Billing office at (206) 616-1881.

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