Chia-Wen Moon, MA

Mental Health Therapist

She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from University of Washington, and Master’s in Counseling from Seattle University.  Trilingual in Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese and English, she has served as a counselor working with diverse populations on a college campus, private practice, youth drug and gang prevention program, tobacco cessation program, overseas disaster relief counseling, and Asian American community mental health agencies in Los Angeles and Seattle area.  With her person-centered, strength-based therapeutic approaches and her deep sense of compassion, Chia-Wen has assisted many to overcome their life struggles and mental health challenges, to achieve their treatment and their life goals.  As an immigrant from Taiwan, Chia-Wen has experienced the cultural adjustment in her adolescent years. She loves to help people overcome their life transitions, such as cultural adjustment between collective and individualistic cultures, and achieve their potentials. She is passionate in helping and empowering young adults during their identity development and crisis, relational struggles, and overcoming anxiety and depression.

(Licensed mental health counselor, license LH60209064)