Measles Requirement

Measles Immunization Requirement

All matriculated UW Seattle campus students are required to provide proof of measles immunity. Satisfying this requirement will allow you to register for classes.

Two measles vaccines given after you turned one year of age are the standard when vaccinations are used as proof of immunity. The two vaccines must have been given at least 28 days apart. A lab report showing a positive titer (blood test showing you have either received the vaccine or had measles) for Rubeola measles can also be used as proof.

(Note: Students born before January 1, 1957 are considered immune to measles and do NOT need to submit proof of immunity.)

Hall Health Center administers the UW Measles Requirement program for the UW Registrar’s office. If you have difficulty meeting the requirement, please contact the Hall Health (see contact information below).

Measles immunity verification instructions have recently changed. UW is now using the Med+Pass platform to process immunization paperwork.

Measles verification instructions


  1. Ensure that you have a working email address. You must be able to receive and check your email account in order to complete this process.
  2. Visit Med+Pass Health.
  3. Select “Register” from the top right corner.
  4. Create account in Med+Pass Health using your UW email address ( Note that you will continue to have access to Med+Pass Health even after you leave UW.
  5. Complete Med+Pass Health profile.
  6. Download and print the Immunization Certificate form.
  7. Have your medical provider complete the Immunization Certificate form.
  8. Upload an image of the Immunization Certificate form to Med+Pass Health.

You will receive an email from Med+Pass within 3-5 days letting you know if the immunization requirement has been met.

Contacting Med+Pass Health

If you have difficulty using the Med+Pass Health platform, you may contact Med+Pass Health between 8AM and 4PM Monday through Friday:

  • Browse the help topics
  • Use the chat feature on the lower left side of the screen
  • Call 844-MEDPASS
  • Email

Hall Health Center is unable to provide Med+Pass Health technical support.

Contacting Hall Health Center

Phone UW Measles Requirement hotline (206) 616-4672


Mailing address
Hall Health Center
UW Measles Requirement
Box 354410 Seattle, WA 98195-4410

Campus location
Hall Health Center
4060 E Stevens Way NE, just across the street from the HUB

Health Sciences Immunization Program

Certain student groups entering a Health Sciences program at UW are required to submit documentation of a number of completed vaccinations at least two months before starting classes. Hall Health does not administer this vaccination program.

Please check with your program to determine if you are required to submit this documentation and visit to the Health Sciences Immunization Program webpage for more information. If you do not have a medical provider to help you obtain any needed vaccines or titers, Hall Health can help! Contact us to schedule an appointment.