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Phone Number (206) 685-1059

We are located on the Ground floor of Hall Health Center (near the waiting area).

The Radiology Department serves UW students, employees, and the general public who are established Hall Health Center patients. Computerized radiography is used, which produces a digital image that can be quickly reviewed by your provider and the radiologist.  The images are then stored in your electronic record for future reference.

Electrocardiograms (EKG), which are simple, painless tests that record the heart’s electrical activity, are also performed in this department.  EKGs are reviewed by your provider, then are transmitted to a UW cardiologist for further review.


Monday – Friday from 8:30AM-5PM

Except Tuesday 9AM-5PM


A referral from a Hall Health Center provider is required in order for Radiology to provide services.


Mary Chen
Ajay Chabra