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  • Comprehensive pre-travel consultations (including malaria prevention) for anyone in the community
  • Currently registered UW students are eligible for a visit with a Travel Clinic provider or an office visit for illness or injury once per quarter, as part of your SAF benefits (we will bill your insurance for immunizations, lab work, and other services, which are not covered under SAF)
  • All travel-related immunizations (including yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis and rabies)
  • CDC-designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinic
  • Providers certified by the International Society of Travel medicine (ISTM)
No-Cost Travel Visit for Students

SAF Travel Consultations for Current UW-Seattle Students

Currently registered UW-Seattle students are eligible to see a Travel Clinic provider as part of your Services & Activities Fee benefits. Here’s what you need to know to take advantage of this opportunity:

  • You are eligible for either one office visit with a regular Hall Health provider (i.e., Primary Care Clinic) or the Travel Clinic per quarter, whichever is first.
  • Non-students are not eligible for this benefit.

Established in 1995, the University of Washington (UW) Travel Clinic at Hall Health Center provides comprehensive travel health services to staff, faculty and students of the UW, as well as the general public. We provide travel medicine advice to all ages, including children. Our clinic is staffed by physicians and nurse practitioners certified as travel providers by the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM).

  • Country-by-country analysis of your itinerary, anticipated activities, and review of previous immunizations to develop an individualized plan.
  • All travel related immunizations (including yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, rabies). Please see our immunization information.
  • Advice on malaria prophylaxis and options for anti-malaria medications.
  • Information and medications to help prevent and/or treat illness and injury, such as traveler’s diarrhea and acute mountain sickness (AMS).
  • International Certificate of Vaccination as approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is a designated yellow fever center.
  • Post-travel assessments available to established patients and UW staff and students that return from travel with illness or injury.

Pre-travel consultations

We recommend scheduling an initial travel consultation at least 4-6 weeks before departure. However, we will meet your travel health needs as completely as the time we have allows.

Post-travel consultations

In spite of the best planning and preventive measures, accidents and illnesses can happen when traveling. Hall Health Center offers comprehensive medical care for the returned traveler for conditions occurring soon after travel. We evaluate UW students, faculty/staff and established patients at Hall Health Center.

  • If you have never been seen at Hall Health Center, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with your primary care provider.

For long-standing or recurring illnesses that could be related to travel, consultation with an infectious disease expert is usually needed. We suggest a consultation with:

This consultation usually requires a visit with your primary care provider and referral prior to scheduling an appointment with the consultant.

Hall Health Center offers the following vaccines. NOTE: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides thorough, up-to-date information on vaccines. The Immunization Action Coalition is also a reliable resource.

  • CDC: Vaccines & Immunizations
  • Immunization Action Coalition: Vaccine Information Statements
Immunization No. of injections Protection period Exposure More information Diagnosis code
Hemophilus  influenza type B (HIB) Variable Lifetime Respiratory CDC information Adult:90281
Hepatitis A 2 injections 20+ years Contaminated food and water CDC information Adult: 90632

Child: 90633.1

Hepatitis B 3 injections Lifelong Blood and bodily fluids What You Need to Know About Hepatitis B (Hall Health Center) Adult: 90746

Child: 90744.1

Hepatitis A/B combination 3 injections 20+ years to lifelong Blood and bodily fluids CDC information (A)CDC information (B) Adult: 90636
Human Papillomavirus (HPV) 3 injections Lifelong Skin to skin HPV Vaccine FAQs (Hall Health Center)All About HPV (Hall Health Center) Adult: 90651

Child: 90651P

Influenza 1 injection 1 year Respiratory virus CDC information Adult: 90686


90687P (6-35 months)

90686P (3-18 years)

Japanese encephalitis 2 injections 1-2 years Mosquito CDC information Adult: 90738

Child: 90738

Meningococcal 1 injections 3-5 years Respiratory CDC information Adult:

90620 (B – Bexsero)

90733 (Menomune)

90734 (Menveo)

Child: 90734P (Menveo)

Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) combination 2 injections Lifelong Respiratory CDC information Adult: 90707

Child: 90707P

Polio (IPV) Childhood series + 1 injection as an adult Lifelong Contaminated food and water CDC information Adult: 90713

Child: 90713P

Pneumococcal 1 injection or childhood series 10+ years Respiratory CDC information Adult:

90670 (Prevnar)


Child: 90670P

Rabies 3 injections Partial protection Mammal exposure: bite, scratch CDC information Adult: 90675

Child: 90675.1-3

Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussus combination TD or TDaP Dtap (children) Approximately 10 years Infected wound, respiratory CDC information Adult: 90715

Child: 90715P

Typhoid 1 injection OR oral pills 2 years for injection; 5 years for oral tablets Contaminated food and water CDC information Adult/child: 90691
Varicella (chicken pox) 2 injections Lifelong Respiratory CDC information Adult: 90716

Child: 90716P

Yellow Fever 1 injection 10 years Mosquito CDC information Adult: 90717

Child: 90717P

Herpes Zoster (shingles) 1 injections Lifelong Previous chicken pox CDC information Adult: 90736


Alternative Yellow Fever Vaccine Now Available at Hall Health!
There is currently a nationwide shortage of yellow fever vaccine called YF-Vax (17D)®.. Luckily, Hall Health Center has been selected to provide an alternative yellow fever vaccine called Stamaril® (17D-204 strain).

Stamaril® is currently licensed and utilized in over 70 countries worldwide and is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

More than 400 million doses of this yellow fever vaccine have been distributed worldwide in the past 30 years. Stamaril® is also a live, attenuated yellow fever vaccine produced by Sanofi Pasteur and has a similar side effect profile and level of protective immunity compared to YF-Vax (17D)®.

If you would like to receive Stamaril®, please schedule a travel consult with one of our ISTM certified clinicians at (206) 616-2495.

Additional Resources

Medical Advice and Prescriptions

During a typical pre-travel consultation, the following issues related to type of travel and destination are discussed.

Altitude illness 

We will provide a comprehensive discussion of prevention of acute mountain sickness (AMS). This includes a prescription for preventative medications, such as acetazolamide (diamox). We also discuss prevention and treatment of high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) and high altitude cerebral edema (HACE).

Blood clot prevention

We engage in a detailed discussion of methods to prevent blood clots due to travel.


We provide advice about prevention and treatment of traveler’s diarrhea. You’ll receive a prescription for antibiotics for self treatment of diarrhea if needed.


We will conduct a comprehensive review of immunizations needed for travel. This includes travel-specific vaccines (yellow fever, typhoid) and general vaccine updates (tetanus, influenza).

Insect precautions 

We will discuss appropriate skin, clothing and mosquito net protection.

Jet lag (sleep disturbance)

You’ll learn about prevention of jet lag, as well as prescription self treatment at your destination.

Malaria prophylaxis

We’ll give you detailed information about appropriate medications for prevention of malaria. This is based on current information about resistance to malaria worldwide and current incidence data.

Medical kit

We’ll review appropriate medical supplies for international travel.

Motion sickness

We discuss medications for prevention and treatment of motion sickness.

Water purification

We’ll talk about safe water sources, as well as methods for water purification.

Preparing for a Trip

Schedule before you travel

Because several weeks may be required to complete a needed vaccine series, we recommend you come in for the initial appointment at least 4-6 weeks before your departure date. You should telephone for an appointment two weeks before that, if possible. When this is not possible, we will meet your travel health needs as completely as the time we have allows.

Pre-appointment checklist

  • If this is your first visit to Hall Health Center, please read about registering, insurance and billing.
  • Payment is to be made the day of your appointment. We accept cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.
  • If your medical insurance plan covers travel medicine (which only a few do) please bring your insurance card to the appointment check-in.
  • Please remember to bring your record of past immunizations, this is very important as it helps us make recommendations regarding which immunizations you will need for your travel.
  • Fill out our Travel Planning Questionnaire and bring it with you to your appointment.
  • At the time of your appointment, check in at the Patient Service Center (opposite main entrance) for every visit. After checking in, you may proceed to the Travel Clinic, which is located on the first floor.

Countdown to your trip

9-12 weeks prior to departure

  • Update passport and foreign visa applications
  • Check into health insurance coverage requirements for overseas medical care
  • Purchase medical evacuation insurance

6-8 weeks prior to departure

  • Schedule a travel consultation with UW Medicine Travel Clinic at Hall Health Center
  • Receive routine and travel related immunizations, travel prescriptions, update medical records
  • Receive prescriptions (travel and routine) from pharmacy

1-2 weeks prior to departure

  • Organize travel documents and emergency contact list
  • Finalize travel health kit and prescription medications for travel
Travel Resources

Traveler’s health

UW staff and students

Infectious diseases

  • WHO: Disease Outbreak News Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and Response (EPR)
  • International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM) Promoting healthy travel worldwide
  • Google/CDC: Flu Trends (Google’s philanthropic organization) has partnered with the CDC and uses aggregated Google search data to estimate flu activity in your state up to two weeks faster than traditional systems.
  • HealthMap: Global Disease Alert Map This site pulls data from a wide variety of sources including PROMed, WHO, Google News, and more to map out where there are current disease outbreaks worldwide. You can click on a tag on the map to get details about a particular outbreak.
  • Pandemic Flu / Avian Flu One-stop access to U.S. Government avian and pandemic flu information.
  • CIA: The World Fact Book Provides a wealth of information about individual countries including geography, economy, transportation, military, and general background information.
  • Medline Plus: Traveler’s Health Tips, guides, and tools for the international traveler from the National Institutes of Health.
Learn how to protect yourself from insect-borne disease.

Prevent and treat traveler’s diarrhea.

Meet the Staff
Our providers are certified by the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM).


Why should I come to the UW Medicine Travel Clinic at Hall Health Center?
Hall Health has been a comprehensive travel medicine center since 1995. We are staffed by physicians and nurse practitioners that are certified as travel providers by the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM). Our providers are passionate about travel and have expertise to ensure you have a safe and healthy trip.
What vaccines are recommended for travel?
Unfortunately, advice specific to your travel itinerary is only available by appointment. If you would like general information, you can go to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website at Otherwise, please call (206) 685-1011 to schedule an appointment.
How much does a visit cost? Can I have an estimate?
The standard consultation fee ranges from $78.50 to $241.00, depending on the length of the visit.  This preventative counseling charge is often covered by your insurance plan. Please check with your insurance plan about coverage for a travel consultation. Our consultation charge does not include the cost of immunizations or injection fees. It is difficult to estimate how much your entire visit will cost without knowing which immunizations you will need and which you have already had. If you would like specific prices for immunizations, we can provide this.  Feel free to contact us at (206) 685-1011 with questions.
I was seen recently at the Travel Clinic. Can I request a refill/immunization without another consultation?
If you were seen within the past 12 months and are traveling to the same location, we can route a message to your provider to request that for you. Please allow at least 48 hours for your request to be processed. If you are traveling to a new region of the world, we suggest a separate travel consultation. Please call (206) 685-1011 to schedule an appointment.
Do you have a pharmacy?
Yes. Hall Health Center has an on-site pharmacy that can fill all of our travel-related prescriptions. Our pharmacy also stocks travel-related items, such as bug protection (DEET/Permethrin), as well as water purification and medical kit supplies.
Does my medical insurance pay for a pre-travel consultation?
You will need to contact your insurance company to find out what they will or will not cover. We do bill insurance. However, your insurance company ultimately decides what is or isn’t covered.  See Billing and Insurance to learn more. Extra billing information


  • For a standard, 40-minute travel consultation, the CPT code is 99403. The diagnosis code is Z71.89.  You may provide these codes to your insurance carrier to find out about your coverage
  • The Hall Health Tax ID number is 911220843.
I already know what shots I need. Can I have a shorter appointment at the travel clinic?
No. Brief appointments are scheduled at the discretion of the provider and are generally reserved for patients that return for additional travel consultations.
I was seen in the past at the travel clinic at the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC). Can you access my medical records from that clinic?
Hall Health uses the same medical records system that is used at UWMC, so if you are seeing a provider here, they will have access to your records from the UWMC Travel Clinic. For more information, you can call the UW Medicine Medical Records office at (206) 744-9000, or visit their website.