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Prerequisites and Proficiencies

Prerequisite Course Lists

The following documents contain lists of courses which will fulfill prerequisites but might not transfer for academic credit. See Transfer Equivalency Guide.

Anatomy | Medical Terminology | Statistics

Prerequisite completion is rated at the time of application. Full points are given for courses that have been completed and partial points are given for courses that are in-progress.

Statistics (one of the following): STAT 220, STAT 221, STAT 311, EDPSY 490, PSYCH 315, PSYCH 317/318, QMETH 201, or Q SCI 381 equivalent

Anatomy and Physiology (preferrably with lab): BIOL 118 and BIOL 119 or equivalent

Medical terminology*: CLAS 205

*UW Students: CLAS 205 alone does *not* fulfill the prerequisite.
  1. You must study "The Language of Medicine" by Davi-ellen Chabner or other approved material.
  2. You must pass a challenge test provided by the HIHIM Office.
*Transfer Students: Medical Terminology credit is not accepted by University of Washington Admissions toward the 180 credits needed for graduation.

If you have completed a course that is not listed and would like it reviewed prior to submitting your application, send a copy of the official course outline/syllabus to:

Fax: (206) 543-8609

Required Proficiency Levels

The following document details the HIHIM program's expectation for applicant and continuing student computer proficiency. HIHIM Technology Requirements & Computer Proficiency