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Please describe an interaction you had with nature in the park that was meaningful to you.

For example, what were you doing in the park? Where were you? Why was this meaningful? This can be as short as a few sentences, but we would love a few paragraphs. Thank you!

Researcher Information:
For researcher information please visit The principle investigator for this study is Peter H. Kahn, Jr., Professor in Developmental Psychology and The School of Environmental and Forest Sciences at the University of Washington. He can be reached directly by e-mailing: elev [at]
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Researchers' Statement
We are asking you to participate in a research study. The purpose of this user agreement is to give you the information you will need to help you decide whether to be in the study or not. Please read the agreement carefully.
The purpose of this research is to investigate how people think about and interact with nature at Discovery Park.
The form(s) you are completing on this webpage will be used as data. You will have the option to share your name and e-mail if you want to.  If you decide to share your name/e-mail, remember that people may be able to identify who you are. If you choose “I Agree” then your information will be analyzed by the research team working on this project. We will not e-mail you, spam you, or inconvenience you in anyway. We will keep your nature story, photos, and any other information you share for research purposes. We may share some or all of your shared content on this website and in other places. Once you agree to participate in the research, your data will be part of our research study indefinitely. Your nature stories, photos, and answers to questions may be used in the current study as well as future studies.
Researchers will be reading your narratives. We may also use your story in journals, books, classrooms, and so on.  If you do not want your content made public, please do not agree to participate.
We hope that your participation will help us better understand the rich and meaningful ways that humans interact with nature. By participating in this study you will be helping to generate a Nature Language. You may not directly benefit from your participation in the study.
Your information (nature story, photos, answers to questions, etc.) may be shared in public forums (e.g. academic conferences, on websites, and in publications). Your consent allows us to store your data indefinitely, and to share it in public forums including: classrooms, instructional purposes, academic conferences, publications, websites, and all multimedia including video and television. Once you agree to participate and submit your information, any or all of it may appear in the listed media venues. People may be able to identify you with your story if you choose to share your name. All content you share should be original content or appropriately credited. Please do not share copyrighted information.
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The data will be kept indefinitely. Your name will not be associated with the data unless you choose to share your name. Participation is voluntary. If you have any questions now or at any time feel free to contact us via e-mail: elev [at]
Participant’s statement
This study has been explained to me in this agreement. I volunteer to take part in this research, and I confirm that I am of 18 years or older. If I have questions later about the research, I can e-mail the HINTS lab. I understand that the confidentiality of any information sent by email cannot be guaranteed. If I have questions about my rights as a research subject, I can call the Human Subjects Division at (206) 543-0098 By clicking on the agree box, I am consenting to everything in this agreement including allowing my information to be shared in the community space on this website and in other media venues.