Blank Mtn Internal Wilderness

In a brief moment of tragic, distinctive clarity within a muddled mind, the Blank Mtn series was created the day after September 15, 2012, in which Victoria, her scientist father, and her physical therapist sister Jenny hiked up and down Mount Baden-Powell in the San Gabriel Range, southern California. The unintended, subliminal goals of Blank Mtn were to explore the notion of “internal wilderness”–in which the physical outdoors can also be represented as a complex, internal cognitive experience–as well as show the blessed curses of being excessively creative, with one being sabotaged by the onslaught of her own thoughts. Apparently, there is a severe opportunity cost in desiring to be and remain open-minded.

Victoria’s brain can be a blocked-depressed or hyperactive embarrassment (so a shrink would be too quick to label bipolar), and out of convenience, she promptly decided to express her outpour of ideas through stream-of-conscious, cartoon-like doodling rather than regular right-left-top-down-the-page “writing.” Though, in great
retrospective shame, she wished her mental energies were channeled better, and in a more organized fashion.

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Posted: Monday, February 4th, 2013

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