Camping in an Elk’s Neighborhood

by Jim

I was backpacking with my family in Yellowstone.  It was cold and rainy most of the hike into our campsite and we got to the site just as it was getting dark.  We were all cold, wet and totally exhausted.  Before we fell asleep, we could hear the howl of wolves in the distance.  Early in the morning I woke up to a very unusual sound. Not having a clue as to what this noise was or what  animals frequented this part of the park,  I sat up and slowly unzipped the tent fly.  Not more than 5 feet from the tent door was an enormous elk with the largest set of antlers I’d ever seen.  The sound was him grazing on the grass right outside the tent.  We later found out that this buck frequented this area often.  It was startling to be so close to such an enormous, beautiful animal.

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Posted: Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

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