Landscaping of a Spring

Last year at the rainbow in Québec, Daniel and me did the landscaping of a spring that our friend Annie found at the bottom of the little mountain just by the swamp. The water was so fresh and delicious. We worked in harmony. All the rocks for the pools of the spring were there it was amazing. We did a path so every body can come with out getting wet. Working with alive water it made us go back to one’s roots and we had recharge our batteries.It was so wonderful, so inspiring. All the rocks found there place. We had water, really good water for all the rainbow. Everybody loved it.  To thank the spring we did an altar.It was an incredible experience it cleanse me. And even today when I’m down,I look at the picture. THANK YOU SPRING THANK YOU MOTHER EARTH .

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Posted: Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

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