Never alone with nature

I’ve never truly been alone with nature. I’ve had multiple accounts of seemingly solitary interactions, but in the end I’m always with another person or group of people. Upon first realizing this fact I
felt ashamed, but quickly came to understand the importance of what I had just learned about myself. It is exactly in the phrase “never truly been alone” that I find what I most value about nature. My interactions are not solitary. I am not alone in my desire to interact
with nature. Nature, for me, has not only been a place of nurturing and growth but also of connecting with others. Nature, no matter how small, is a place in our physical reality where we can share thought, feeling and action. So, I conclude with a story about a specific
interaction with nature (this happened today, November 23, 2012):

As I walk with my friend of 17 years upon a hill which I’ve known for 21, I am alerted to the attention of three doe and a single fawn. We (my friend, the deer and I) came to a mutual understanding of goodwill and, I like to believe, respect. I turned my back to the deer, my newest friends, and looked out upon the horizon framed by a golden sunset. Needless to say I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace, but also clarity and understanding. Thanks, nature, for reminding me that we’re never truly alone.

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Posted: Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

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