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Carribean Float    (1 Comment »)

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Any opportunity i have to swim is always the best thing i could possibly be doing at that moment.  There is something renewing about being immersed in water. A recent experience i had was on palomino island–a tiny island in the Caribbean off  the eastern coast of Puerto Rico.  The Caribbean breeze was strong so there was the constant sound of waves and rustling trees.  i waded into the shallow, warm water and flopped backwards. I floated on my back, relaxing and being pulled by the current. Even though the breeze was really loud on the shore, when your ears are submerged in water, everything becomes really quiet.  The sky was blue and clouds seemed to be all around the island, but never over it.  I could see the sliver of the moon directly over me. When you’re floating like that, looking up and everything is so circular, it really feels like you’re at the center of the universe. It makes sense that many first nations felt that about their particular space.  Being
at peace with and protected by nature elicits that feeling.