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Snow Day    (No Comments »)

Monday, March 12th, 2012

While it was snowing in Seattle in January of 2012, two of my friends and I explored Volunteer Park. It was the first time I had ever seen a snowfall in a natural setting, and watching it drift in in waves as the sky grew dimmer was nothing short of enchanting. We ran across flat surfaces that had once been full of tiny mounds and depressions, threw snowballs and shook the powder off of thin tree-branches, raining cold dust upon unsuspecting walkers below. All the while, the leaves, the rocks, the very ground sparkled with otherworldly scintillation, as the sleeping Earth rested under our feet. As night fell, the glimmer of moonlight upon the fallen snow transfigured the land, bequeathing us a new realm full of magic and mischief. As we eventually left the park, I could not help but notice that every surface I saw was just as stunningly beautiful as the natural splendor we had just left. Under inches of snow, who can discern grass from concrete or asphalt? That night, nature laid its white carpet all the way to our door, and as I warmed up with a hot toddy I gave thanks to the great forces around and above that we might be so blessed– not only to have experienced this frigid bounty, but to have a respite from it as well.

(A note: The enclosed photo was taken not at the park, but about a mile away at the waterfront. It was remarkably hard to get a clear photo from a cellular phone camera in a snow flurry, so I chose the clearest and most striking from my album, rather than the most area-specific.)

Morning Meditation    (No Comments »)

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

By Sean

I love being engulfed in nature, to be surrounded by trees and rolling green hills without any evidence of human interference is my idea of a nature experience. For a few years now I have been rock climbing. Climbing is a great way to “play” with the natural environment. Mother Earth provides me with a fun-filled day and i make sure that she stays clean and healthy (Leave no trace). One of my most memorable climbing experiences was when I was in Joshua Tree. I woke up before the rest of my group and climbed up to the top of a nearby face, and just sat there. I looked at my beautiful surroundings and felt the crisp desert morning air on my face. After taking a moment to meditate (my current line of research), I slowly went back down to meet with my group. Often times we get caught up in the every day hussle and bustle, I have found that when we take a moment to reflect on our environment we learn a lot about ourselves.

Tree-climbing! In the name of science!    (No Comments »)

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Tiny bits of bark crumble under hand. Muscles tense with each effortful movement in the body’s ascent of a tree, hands grip around branches, limbs stretch, feet secure to gnarls, knots, or bark holes.  Conquering, and clinging, when climbing a tree.  Perhaps a squirrel scurries away at the sight of the human visitor. Or an abandoned nest is discovered nestled in a nook.  Gradually the world below seems to shrink.  The vastness of the sky is revealed when the canopy breaks, offering the seeker a moment of humility.  At the top, a bird’s eye view.  Feet planted solid in the crevice between trunk and limb and back bent along the bend of yet another tree limb offers body’s rest.  Clouds float by; their shapes emerge in the form of artifacts or animals.