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Bringing a Loving Intention into Interactions with Nature    (No Comments »)

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Last quarter I stumbled upon a park of some sort. It wasn’t anything grand, and it didn’t have any children’s play equiptment or even any seating areas, but I loved it. I liked how the area felt real and natural. I also really enjoyed the markers on a few of the plants labeling what they were, because I think it is an important¬† thing to know when trying to ground yourself in a place. Anyway, I was there collecting sticks to use for an art project, where I intended to use sticks as drumsticks in a Shamanic drumming workshop. I made sure to
interact with nature in a way that was respectful and showed that I was not browsing an area for objects but rather listening to the area and the sticks to help me ensure that I was picking sticks that wanted to be served for the purpose. I intended to smooth down their exterior and did so for at least an hour. I was engrossed in the moment. While surrounded by nature with no other human in sight (although I could hear the passing cars nearby), it felt like I was truly experiencing that place. During the smoothing out process, I listended to the sticks once again to be sure that they would work for my project, and I still ended up giving some
back to nature. I know it is best to listen with one’s heart and soul and not to take more than what is needed. Well it turns out the workshop flopped, so I ended up with a bunch of sticks which I later burned in my fire place. Even then, I still thanked them for letting me use them to my own advantage.

What I think it missing in most interactions with nature is a loving intention. It is too often seen as an object to be manipulated and used at will, as if it only exists for the purpose of humans. What set my experience apart from others I’ve had is that I truly took the time to set my intention and carry it out, while I also spent time along and was in the moment with nature truly experiencing.