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Pushing the limit    (No Comments »)

Friday, February 11th, 2011

By Tom

Consistently breaching natural limits is something of a hobby for most nature-oriented individuals.  With each excursion ‘into’ nature and back, I never fail to be impressed with my own willingness to push the envelope and my effort always yields the same result: a humbling.  Whether it’s the same trail faster, or a few more miles on a two-day camp trip, there is that moment of thought that enters the mind: what am I trying to do out here, exactly?  And just following that is the deepest appreciation for nature and the wonders currently decreasing in this world one can feel. Those instances of clarity in our sometimes over-controlled lives are absolutely priceless, and worth whatever risk necessary to obtain. The search for those moments drives me back consistently into the wilderness and to new heights of exploration: both inside myself and into the wide world of nature.