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Hiking in Colorado    (No Comments »)

Monday, September 27th, 2010

One of the times I have felt the most connected to nature was when I went hiking in Rocky Mountian national Park. My brother and I backpacked through a spectacular senic trail that curved around waterfalls on its acent up the mountain. During this trip one of the things that jumped out at me most was how tranquil nature is. When you are in a city your senses are constantly being bombarded by a plethora of harsh sounds. In the wild you can actually hear the birds and wildlife which you are seldom able to do in a bustling city. I was astounded how optimistic I felt after hiking through the national park and seeing the grand views that the Rocky Mountais offer. This experience has made a deep impression on me and I hope to repeat it again in the future.

Takes My Breath Away    (1 Comment »)

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

I grew up in the city with occasional forays out to the flat country land of Michigan.  I had seen corn and endless fields and I had seen building upon building, dust, dirt, decay and opulence.  What I had not seen until my mid twenties was grandeur.  It was the sight of the White Mountains in New Hampshire that took my breath away and turned me into a mountain junkie.  From that point on I visited mountains every year.  From the Rocky Mountains to the Smoky Mountains, I yearned to see those high peaks, lush coverings and deep valleys.  I thrilled to the marmots, mountain sheep and sudden storms that rumbled through and then quickly parted for the sun.  The waterfalls!  They call to me still.  Its something natural that was created, not by man, but by the Earth itself.  I look back to camping on a rustic hill outside of Littleton New Hampshire and waking up to see Mount Washington in the distance… it just takes my breath away.  There is something about the extraordinary 3-D of mountains and nature in general that tops technology every time.  To breathe the air, to touch the rocks and trees, to conquer a trail…these are things a person might never experience in their life these days.  Perhaps it is the contrast with everything that I grew up with and the promise of reinvention or even just flipping the coin to the other side of life.  Its a new start and a discovery of the grandeur of life, even my own life.