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Dancing Crabs    (No Comments »)

Monday, November 29th, 2010

By Matias

In 2009 I spent 3 months sailing the south Asian seas with a group of 24 other people. It was incredible and put me in direct connection with the marine ecosystem. About 1 month into our journey we docked in the Maldives and spent a couple days around Male before exploring the other islands nearby. On one of the other islands is where this experience I’m about to share happened. Sound is a fascinating entity of our existence. We’re all connected to it one way or another, through hearing with ears or feeling/sensing the vibrations that sound creates. That night on this island 2 friends and I took small hand drums out to a small beach enclave that was protected by a protruding rock on one side and some bushes on the other. It was a little corner of beautiful white sand beach. We had been wanting to have a little drum circle for a few nights, but we didn’t expect to see what happened that night.¬† As we played longer and longer, the mood got more comfortable, and it almost seemed that we became a part of the nature that surrounded us. No longer separated by our conscious ideas and beliefs, we were just being. I took the hand drum and spun it around and began to sing into the hollow area of the drum, which created a droning sound that matched well with the other 2’s drumming. Sitting there we noticed that every minute or so, crabs would crawl out of the ocean and tentatively explore what was happening. Crabs are generally very scared of humans- any time I see a crab in nature, he is scurrying into a crevice so that I can’t grab him. These crabs began to gain courage, realizing we weren’t there to hurt them. We continued playing and the crabs began approaching and after a while they were just a foot or 2 away from us¬†dancing with our rhythm. When I say dance I don’t mean it metaphorically or to sound nice in my writing, I mean they were wiggling back and forth, interacting with the sound we we’re producing, literally dancing. I felt very connected with the earth at this moment and continued putting myself into the moment and trying to just be as peacefully as possible. The drumming continued, evolving with changing sounds and rhythms, reaching a climax of energy and peaceful excitement. Then I noticed a crab 2 inches from my foot. It felt like this little crab had changed all his/her beliefs on interactions with humans. He would be the first crab in his line of crab families to gain the awareness to interact with me more personally, trusting in me his security. Guided by the rhythmic vibrations, he crawled right up my leg onto my waist and up my arm. He sat there for a few seconds before I lost focus and sure enough my energy probably transmitted that disruption to him. He ran off and most of the crabs shuffled back away to their homes. We are all connected, sometimes it takes an outside force (music) to remind us and our animal brothers and sisters.