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Spirits in Nature    (No Comments »)

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

by Laura H.

I went to Peru to learn from the Shamans how to connect with Nature. They spoke to the Appus (spirits) that live at the top of there mountains. They would connect with the spirits of each mountain and thereby connecting each mountain into a network of energy. Macho Picchu was the solid walls that spoke of the way the ancients used nature to understand their lives better. During the solistice the sun would come through this open window to shine on the center marking on the floor. During an equinox another window would allow the sun beam to light on the center, thus marking time using buildings. The amazon jungle was the topper for my nature trip to Peru. I came home with the intension of creating energy connections with our mountains in Washington state. I have been delayed but do try to prey to the spirits in Nature as often as I can.

Walking in Bear Country    (No Comments »)

Friday, June 25th, 2010

by Girlfromthesky

I climbed a steep ridge covered in Chestnut Oak’s and dropped into Bear Country. A pair of ravens crossed shadows with mine as I passed through a Blackberry thicket and I followed their path into the woods.  I was moving fast when a Box Turtle appeared underfoot.  I felt, “Slow Down” so I got down on the ground with my face by the turtle.  We watched each other for a while then the turtle turned its head and I followed the gaze.  There in front of me was the track of a Black Bear. I said “Thank You” and stood up to follow.  The tracks lead me through brambles and a creek and just as I thought I’d lost the line the shadow of a bear passed 30 yds in front of me.  Everything was still until I noticed my breath and as the shadow moved on I began to weep.  This is the path I am on.

As I felt my feet back on the ground I realized I had no idea where I was in relation to where I came from.   I looked up and asked the Sky to help me find my way home.  I looked at the ground and  noticed a small red leaf. I walked towards it then saw another.   Almost like rose petals, they lead me back to the trail.  I could smell fire and I knew I was almost back.  It was like my senses were open. I could feel the Earth’s spirit opening up around me.  My spirit was opening up too.