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Stuck in the rain    (No Comments »)

Friday, November 12th, 2010

By Amy

During a camping trip in Utah, I went on a day hike with my fellow campers and the goats who helped us pack our stuff into the campsite. We were hiking through canyons, walking through a little river and navigating our own path. I suddenly felt the wind, and it quickly started pouring. At first I put my hood up in an attempt to stay dry, but it was warm out and pouring so hard that I just let myself be showered with the warm rain. The goats ran under a rock ledge to find shelter, and we ran over to them to catch our breath. We were in danger of getting caught in a flood if we stayed there too long, which was pretty invigorating and exciting in itself. We each grabbed a goat and pushed their bony sides away from the ledge and back into the rain. We held onto little trees on the side of the stream to support ourselves when walking through it. The experience of being immersed in water while it’s pouring rain was a special tactile experience and forced me to be alert so I wouldn’t slip. We saw waterfalls forming spontaneously off the edge of the cliffs above, ending with thick streams of water within feet from us. We scrambled up the edge of the stream with cold, wet, dirty hands and ran back to our campsite, with the goats leading the way. As soon as we got there the rain stopped and the sun came out. I sat down and warmed my face, smiling.