Walking in Bear Country

by Girlfromthesky

I climbed a steep ridge covered in Chestnut Oak’s and dropped into Bear Country. A pair of ravens crossed shadows with mine as I passed through a Blackberry thicket and I followed their path into the woods.  I was moving fast when a Box Turtle appeared underfoot.  I felt, “Slow Down” so I got down on the ground with my face by the turtle.  We watched each other for a while then the turtle turned its head and I followed the gaze.  There in front of me was the track of a Black Bear. I said “Thank You” and stood up to follow.  The tracks lead me through brambles and a creek and just as I thought I’d lost the line the shadow of a bear passed 30 yds in front of me.  Everything was still until I noticed my breath and as the shadow moved on I began to weep.  This is the path I am on.

As I felt my feet back on the ground I realized I had no idea where I was in relation to where I came from.   I looked up and asked the Sky to help me find my way home.  I looked at the ground and  noticed a small red leaf. I walked towards it then saw another.   Almost like rose petals, they lead me back to the trail.  I could smell fire and I knew I was almost back.  It was like my senses were open. I could feel the Earth’s spirit opening up around me.  My spirit was opening up too.

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Posted: Friday, June 25th, 2010

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