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Certificate in Global Injury Requirements and Coursework

The program is open to all graduate students who are working on any aspect of the problems of injury or violence, whether domestically or globally. It is intended to enhance the education of UW graduate students beyond their regular course of study. 


Students must complete 15 credits of approved coursework. This includes:

  • 3 credits for one required core course
  • 9 credits of approved electives
  • 3 credits for the completion of a capstone project


Overlap of coursework applied towards the certificate program and degree program must not exceed six credits and is limited to elective coursework in each program. Core course requirements of a degree program may not be counted toward the certificate.


For students completing more than one graduate certificate, no more than six credits may overlap between certificate programs. Therefore, students are strongly encouraged to work with the coordinator of their degree program and with certificate staff to develop a specific course plan that will meet the requirements of both the degree and the certificate.


Courses taken prior to admission to the certificate program may be counted retroactively with permission of the certificate staff. Students may petition to have additional courses count towards the elective requirements if they provide the department with a copy of the course syllabus and readings for review.