Injury Topic Links and Related Sites

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Bicycle Related Injury Sites

AAP-TIPP on Bike Helmets 
American Academy of Pediatrics fact sheet, About Bicycle Helmets.

AAP-TIPP on Wearing Bike Helmets
American Academy of Pediatrics fact sheet Tips for Getting Your Children to Wear Bicycle Helmets.

American Society for Testing and Materials

Bicycles Review (HIPRC)

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
In addition to the information for kids, this site has lots of information on bicycle helmets, and helmets of all kinds.
The on-line    pamphlets and fact sheets include A Consumers Guide to Bicycle Helmets, Must I Buy a Bicycle Helmet for
Child?, Teaching your Child to Ride a Bicycle, How to Fit a Bicycle Helmet, and Advice to a Parent: My Teen Won't Wear
His Helmet! This site, run by the non-profit Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, also has many links to other bicycle and helmet    

Bicycle Helmets (WHO Initiative)

Bicycles and Pedestrian Listings - U.S. DOT National Transportation Library

Bicycle Helmet Prevention Materials (HIPRC)
This site is part of the Harborview (WA) Injury Prevention and Research Institute. There are injury statistics and good factsheets:     The Need for Bicycle Helmets, Tips to Get your Kids to Wear Helmets, and Answering Questions about Bike Helmets.

BikePlan source (Montana)

Bike Tour - NHTSA
This is part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration web site. The Bike Tour section, featuring the Crash Dummies, has five stations on helmets, city biking, equipment checkpoint, bicycle clothing, and bicycle riding safety.

City of Chicago DoT info on Bike Safety
The City of Chicago has an informative on-line safety booklet Kids on Bikes in Chicago with lots of illustrations of safe bicycle riding tips.

Consumer Product Safety Commission - KIDD SAFETY for kids ! This section of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has an action game for kids dealing with safety on bicycles, skateboards, and in-line skates. There is also a 24 page comic book featuring Sprocket Man (.pdf file). Sprocket Man demonstrates safe bicycle riding and the importance of a helmet.

Consumer Safety Commission Bike Safety Publications :
    Contains multiple publications and brochures withy relevant information on bike safety aimed to the general public.

Game Spot - Brain Injury Association Inc. The Brain Injury Association, Inc. has a word search puzzle about all types of helmets.

HEADstrong - Denver Osteopathic Foundation HEADstrong, a part of the Denver Osteopathic Foundation, has an Injury Prevention section including the on-line Bicycle Helmet Safety Project. A Resource Guide with helmet promotion activities and materials for schools and community groups. - for Kids
This site has some good information on bicycle safety and helmets. The website, from the Nemours Foundation Center for Children's Health Media, has separate sections for kids, teens and parents on a variety of health and safety topics.

Pedal Power ACT (Canberra, Australia)

The Rad Rider Rad Rider is a great graphic helmet site, sponsored by Inland Empire Health Plan, a non-profit HMO in California. The 20-page comic book features the adventures of Rad Rider, a hero who spends times getting his helmet fit just right before charging off on his bike to fight crime. There is also an on-line bicycle safety test.

Ride Safe This organization is no longer active but they maintain a website with great support materials including a coloring poster, bike safety information for parents, and a family bike rodeo packet.

Safe USA - Centers for Disease Control
This site is supported and managed by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Helmet Resource Center

The Snell Memorial Foundation

The Bicycle Safety Guide