Motor Vehicle

Prevention Interventions

A review of the literature was not conducted for this topic because of the significant volume of research that has already been published. Alternatively, links to this research are provided below.

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine (AJPM) published a motor vehicle review entitled, Systematic Reviews of Strategies to Prevent Motor Vehicle Injuries (Rivara & MacKenzie 1999), which is listed as (Volume 16 Issue 1 (Supplement 1) (January 1999)) on AJPM online. To access the review click on the following link and scroll down to Volume 16 and click on the appropriate supplement to display the ten review topics. Click here, American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

The AJPM review includes the following ten topics; (1) Systematic Reviews of Strategies to Prevent Motor Vehicle Injuries (Rivara et al.1999), (2) Effectiveness of Health Promotion Programs to Increase Motor Vehicle Occupant Restraint Use Among Young Children (Grossman & Garcia 1999), (3) Evaluating Interventions That Promote the Use of Rear Seats for Children (Segui-Gomez 1999), (4) Effectiveness of Primary and Secondary Enforced Seat Belt Laws (Rivara et al. 1999), (5) Effects of High School Driver Education on Motor Vehicle Crashes, Violations, and Licensure (Vernick et al. 1999), (6) Effectiveness of Graduated Driver Licensing in Reducing Motor Vehicle Crashes (Foss & Evenson 1999), (7) The Effect of Random Alcohol Screening in Reducing Motor Vehicle Crash Injuries (Peek-Asa 1999), (8) The Specific Deterrence of Administrative Per Se Laws in Reducing Drunk Driving Recidivism (McArthur & Kraus 1999), (9) Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Low Blood Alcohol Concentration Laws for Younger Drivers (Zwerling & Jones 1999), (10) Effectiveness of Ignition Interlock Devices in Reducing Drunk Driving Recidivism (Coben & Larkin 1999).