Epidemiology: Prevention Research

Increasing Booster Seat Use in At-Risk Communities: Tailored Communication and Behavior Change

Key Investigators: Beth Ebel, M.D., M.Sc., M.P.H..
University of Washington Department of Pediatrics
Funding Source: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

For children, motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of serious injury and death. Many injuries are preventable if children are properly secured in child restraints, including booster seats. Communities in which children are at highest risk of injury may be slowest to adopt new technologies, and Latino parents may face additional financial, cultural and language barriers, for which targeted interventions may be required. The investigators are conducting several studies whose overarching goal is to explore effective means to change injury-risk behaviors for Latino children. They will explore barriers to booster seat use, identify key determinants of child passenger safety behaviors in Latino families, develop a targeted booster seat intervention for these families, and test the effectiveness of this targeted intervention relative to provision of generic booster seat information, using a randomized controlled design.