Training and Education

Child Pedestrian Walk Our Children to School Public Education Campaign

Project Instructor: Luann D'Ambrosio, MEd

In 1999, HIPRC was funded to promote "Walk Our Children to School," an international campaign designed to encourage families to get out of their cars to promote good health and pedestrian safety by walking their children to school or the bus stop. The campaign worked to promote the associated benefits, including cleaner school and neighborhood environments from less traffic congestion, children with leaner bodies and healthy minds from steady exercise, adults that model and monitor pedestrian safety, and an overall positive sense of personal safety walking to and from school, the bus stop, or to other daily activities. A how-to guide was developed by the HIPRC to provide information, resources and examples of how to implement a WALK program in schools and neighborhoods throughout local communities. The campaign detailed a number of strategies that schools and neighborhoods can put into practice to address the barriers that may exist. Information from the WALK program was distributed to 24 schools and 12 community organizations in King County. A training workshop was developed and attended by 50 community organizers.

The Seattle-King County Engineering Department has taken the lead on this public education initiative. Each year, a "Walk" event is held and materials are provided to all King County elementary schools. For more information