Training and Education

Using Epidemiology to Address Community Health Problems

Lead Instructors: James Gale, MD, MS and Luann D'Ambrosio, Marni Levy

This course was a joint effort by the Montana Summer Institute, the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice, and the HIPRC. The course focused on areas in public health practice where an understanding of epidemiologic methods is critical in the assessment, analysis and interpretation of data on health and disease. Areas included in the training were planning, surveillance, surveys, screening, outbreak investigations, injury epidemiology, and communicating health information to the public. An interactive, problem-solving approach was used to define, measure the magnitude, and identify the determinants in community health problems. Approaches to identifying and developing prevention/intervention strategies based on community data and priorities were also discussed. Each topic area was examined in the context of a case study to provide exposure to situations that have actually been encountered. Participants were encouraged to submit issues from their own work experience that could be used in conjunction with the case studies. The course will once again be offered at the Montana Summer Institute in June 2004. For more information