Training and Education

Injury Free-Seattle Coalition for Kids Training

Project Leads: Brian Johnston, MD, MPH, Denise Gonzalez

The Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Seattle is a hospital-community partnership focused on reducing childhood injury in neighborhoods throughout the city. Based at the HIPRC, the Coalition is a partnership between HMC, CHMRC, Seattle-King County Public Health, and the community. Injury Free-Seattle held a 11/2 hour training to acquaint child care staff and health clinic social workers with general child passenger safety issues. During this training, the purpose of four different types of child safety seats was demonstrated. These four types of seats will be distributed throughout the community via community health clinics, Head Start programs, and neighborhood service centers. The training also explored ways to quickly evaluate children in a childcare setting to determine what type of safety seat is appropriate based on a child's weight, height and age. The Injury Free Child Passenger Safety Orientation was held at Odessa Brown Children's Clinic with 8 participants.