Training and Education

Injury Prevention and Mass Trauma Preparedness

Lead Facilitators: Luann D'Ambrosio, MEd, and Marni Levy, BS

The HIPRC conducted two three-day injury prevention and mass trauma preparedness fellowship trainings in Seattle in September of 2002 and 2003. The training was supported by the NWCPHP through funding from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The overarching goal was to increase the skills and knowledge of the public health community to deal with situations using lessons learned in injury prevention and new ways to deal with events in a responsive, coordinated manner. The HIPRC, as one of ten CDC-funded injury programs, has coordinated community efforts through coalition work and information-sharing since its inception. It has used a strong scientific basis to promote strategies shown to be effective for prevention activities. This experience, as it relates to mass trauma preparedness and injury prevention, provided the knowledge base for the training.

The faculty members for the training were experienced injury prevention and hospital staff who specialize in research, health education, mass trauma preparedness, and communication. Seventeen instructors shared their expertise with the group from academic, public health, and hospital settings. Session formats were mainly didactic and included interactive activities for the group. Participant projects were discussed to allow for better program planning and evaluation. To illustrate the complexity of mass trauma preparedness, a tabletop activity was conducted in 2003.

The trainings resulted in increased skill level and fostered the development of productive, cooperative and collaborative relationships among faculty and participants. It also provided an opportunity for an exchange of information and networking among participants.