Training and Education

Advanced Topics in Epidemiology, University of Washington Summer Institute for Public Health Practice (SIPHP)

Project Investigator: Frederick P. Rivara, MD, MPH
Co-Instructor: Melissa Schiff, MD, MPH, HIPRC Faculty

The SIPHP offered a course in Advanced Topics in Epidemiology based on the new text, Epidemiologic Methods: Studying the Occurrence of Illness (New York: Oxford University Press, 2003) authored by Thomas D. Koepsell (HIPRC faculty) and Noel S. Weiss, both epidemiology professors at the University of Washington. The course and the book are aimed at public health professionals who will be conducting epidemiologic studies themselves or who need a firm grasp of epidemiologic principles in order to interpret and evaluate studies conducted by others. The course was organized around two main themes: general concepts and methods of epidemiology, and study design. The course was taught using injury-related, case-based examples. The course was well-received by participants. For more information