Training and Education

Understanding the Role of Epidemiology in Public Health Web Site

Instructors: James Gale, MD, MS, Luann D'Ambrosio, MEd

Development of a website with epidemiology resources was identified as a training approach that would provide useful information to people in public health for understanding the pattern and frequency of health events in a population. The information gathered is focused toward frontline health department staff who were searching for more in-depth knowledge on a range of epidemiology topics. By June of 2003, the website "Understanding the Role of Epidemiology in Public Health" was created. The site is an annotated collection of web resources to assist local and state public health practitioners to identify and access epidemiology information on the Internet. The site is divided into five broad sections: disease description, disease investigation, screening, surveillance, and evaluation. Each site has been reviewed for content accuracy by a team of advisory committee members. In the three months the site has been operational, it has received nearly 400 hits. This project is a result of an ongoing collaboration between the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice (NWCPHP) and the HIPRC to develop epidemiology learning materials and resources for the public health practice community. The site can viewed on the World Wide Web at