Training and Education

UW School of Nursing Health Education/Promotion Practicum

Lead Instructor: Luann D'Ambrosio, MEd

The HIPRC worked with three Bachelor of Science, fourth-year nursing students from the UW's School of Nursing and Community Health program during the fall quarter of 2002. The goal of this collaborative opportunity was to give students a practical, agency-based experience working on community health injury prevention campaigns. The students spent 10 hours a week on the project and were asked to attend planning meetings, develop audience appropriate materials, observe and participate in pertinent programs both at the HIPRC and the HMC. This training opportunity provided a reciprocal framework for students to learn about injury prevention and control programs and develop group process skills necessary to work within the community. The HIPRC is committed to the continuing education of both graduate and undergraduate students working or interested in learning about in the field of injury prevention and control.