Training and Education

Strategies for Success Program Evaluation Module

Lead Instructors: Charles Mock, MD, PhD, MPH, Luann D'Ambrosio, , Marni Levy

A training module on program evaluation was developed for public health workers in the Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and Oregon (WWAMIO) region. This 8-week program evaluation course was developed and pilot tested with front line public health staff in Casper, Wyoming in October of 2001 and delivered to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) staff in Washington in July of 2002. Participants were given the framework and tools to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs they manage to lend credibility to their work and provide accountability for resources spent. The seminar used injury control and other public health examples as a framework for how to develop a plan to implement program evaluation.

In order to tailor the training to the needs of staff, an informal assessment of people who address public health at the federal, state and county agency level was conducted. Although program evaluation techniques are applicable to many fields, its value in the field of injury control is easily demonstrated. Therefore, we assumed that people who deal with injury control in some fashion would be excellent sources of information on what would be valuable and interesting.

Subsequent offering of this course would be best delivered in collaboration with regional instructors who could provide a local resource for these activities on an ongoing basis. The course will be offered as one track during the 2004 UW SIPHP.