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We are dedicated to conducting research aimed at diminishing the personal impact of trauma and broadening the effectiveness of injury prevention and trauma treatment programs regionally, nationally and globally.

Research at HIPRC spans the continuum of medical care, from epidemiological research to determine injury causes, to acute care of trauma patients in the emergency department, to rehabilitation in the hospital and home.

Center studies are designed to:

  • Track the type, causes, treatment and consequences of injuries
  • Use epidemiological tools to identify risk factors for injury
  • Develop and evaluate new injury-prevention programs, using behavior change, community education, government action, and product- environment modification
  • Use the principles of biomechanics to study injury causes and treatment
  • Develop more effective ways to resuscitate and treat injury victims
  •  Improve rehabilitation strategies by identifying injury-related disability and long-term effects
  • Train new investigators in the field of injury research
  • Educate health professionals, policy makers, and the public about trauma’s magnitude, costs, and prevention


New Methods Core Project Inquiry Form

Brianna Mills, PhD Epidemiology student, has completed a new Methods Core Project Inquiry Form that can be used by other researchers seeking HIPRC Methods Core advice on study design, identifying data sources, statistical analyses, grant submissions, or paper writing, for their study.



We manage a comprehensive list of HIPRC, state, and national datasets. The complete list can be found here. If you would like access to a dataset that is managed by HIPRC, please fill out the Methods Core Project Inquiry Form mentioned above.