Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Centering Animals in Latin American History (Zeb Tortorici and Martha Few)

Please join us for talks by Zeb Tortorici (NYU) and Martha Few (University of Arizona) on animals in Latin American history. Zeb and Martha co-edited the terrific volume Centering Animals in Latin American History (Duke 2013, They will give public talks on Wednesday 1/29, and will both participate in a Critical Animal Studies workshop on Thursday 1/30.


Revisiting War Crimes During the War in Viet Nam: Nick Turse Book Reading and "Winter Soldier" screening


In the evening of January 29, please join us for a reading by Nick Turse, author of the controversial and acclaimed _Kill Anything That Moves_ (2013) about US war crimes during the war in Viet Nam, in conjunction with a rare showing of the 1972 documentary "Winter Soldier", and followed by a panel discussion of experts.

Sponsored by the Southeast Asia Center, the UW Center for Human Rights, the University Bookstore, and the Seattle chapter of Veterans For Peace.