Madeleine Dong: Areas of Graduate Study

For more on Madeleine Dong's publications, scholarly interests and contact information, please see her faculty page.

Division: Asia--Pre-History to the Present

Students preparing this field will consider China in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, including social, cultural, gender, urban history.

Division: Comparative History (Comparative Gender & Comparative Ethnicity & Nationalism)*

Students preparing a field in Comparative Gender will consider the transformation and reconstruction of gender boundaries and identities through political, social, and cultural discourses and practices. Students preparing a field in Comparative Ethnicity and Nationalism will study China from an empire to a nation state, and formation/transformation of regional, ethnic, gender, and class identities in the process, as well as Chinese nationalism and revolutions and their relations to imperialism and colonialism.

*Students may not offer a field in the Comparative History division as a first field.



Winter 2015

HSTAS 555: China Research Seminar