William Rorabaugh: Areas of Graduate Study

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Division: United States

Professor Rorabaugh regularly offers the following graduate fields in US History:

1. 19c US
2. 20c US
3. US Social

The exact content of the field must be negotiated between the instructor and the graduate student. If the field is a student's primary field, it will be both broader and deeper than if the field is a secondary field. The field ought to complement but not unduly overlap other fields.
Normally, students are expected to take HSTAA 521, the 19c field course, as entering grad students, and this reading list, except for students doing a 20c field, forms the basis for a reading list for a field either in 19c US or in US Social History. The instructor usually offers HSTAA 590 each fall so that students might make further preparations in their specific field. Directed readings in the form of HIST 600 are also common for preparing a field. Occasionally, the instructor has allowed a student to construct a special field in US History apart from the regular fields in 19c US, 20c US, or US Social History.