Recent Dissertations


Symbol Lai, Decolonizing Okinawa: Social Science, Agriculture, and US Militarism, 1945-1972, Chairs: Tani Barlow and Vince Rafael

Alyson Roy, Engineering Power: The Roman Triumph as Material Expression of Power, 211 - 55 BCE, Chair: Sandra Joshel


Mei Feng Mok, Negotiating Community and Nation in Cho Lon: Nation-building, Community-building and Transnationalism in Everyday Life during the Republic of Viet Nam, 1955-1975, Chair: Christoph Giebel

Maria Quintana, Contracting Freedom: Race, Empire, and U.S. Labor Importation Programs, 1942-1964, Chairs: James Gregory and Moon-Ho Jung

Kurt Schaefer, The Promise and the Price of Contact:  Puyallup Indian Acculturation, Federal Indian Policy and the City of Tacoma, 1832-1909, Chair: John Findlay


Christopher Johnson, Turn on the Sunshine: A History of the Solar Future, Chair: Linda Nash

Alexander Morrow, Laboring for the Day: The Pacific Coast and the Economy of Contingent Labor, 1919-1933, Chair: James Gregory

Hoang Ngo, Building a New House for the Buddha: Buddhist Social Engagement and Revival in Vietnam, 1927-1951, Chair: Christoph Giebel

Jennifer Webster, Toward a Sacred Topography of Central Asia: Shrines, Pilgrimage, and Gender in Kyrgyzstan, Chair: Joel Walker


Antony Adler, The Ocean Laboratory: Exploration, Fieldwork and Science at Sea, Chair: Bruce Hevly

Steven Beda, Landscapes of Solidarity: Timber Workers and the Making of Place in the Northwest, 1900-1964, Chair: James Gregory

Joseph Bernardo, From ‘Little Brown Brothers’ to ‘Forgotten Asian Americans’:  Race, Space, and Empire in Filipino Los Angeles, Chair: Moon-Ho Jung

Xiaolin Duan, Tourism Around West Lake in Southern Song Hangzhou, Chair: Patricia Ebrey

Mira Green, In and Out: Food, the Body, and Social Hierarchies in Roman Households, Chair: Sandra Joshel

Jessie Kindig, War for Peace: Race, Empire and the Korean War, Chairs: James Gregory and Moon-Ho Jung

Kirsten Pochop, Learning Liberalism: Seattle Schools and the Changing Face of American Racial Politics, 1960-1980, Chair: Susan Glenn

Catherine Warner, Shifting States: Mobile Subjects, Markets, and Sovereignty in the India-Nepal Borderland, 1780-1930, Chair: Anand Yang


Chong Eun Ahn, From Chaoxian ren to Chaoxian zu: Korean Identity under the Japanese Empire and Chinese Nation-State, Chair: Madeleine Dong

Xi Chen, The Making of John B. Gough (1817-1886): Temperance Celebrity, Evangelical Pageantry, and the Conservatism of Popular Reform in Victorian Society, Chair: William Rorabaugh

Jeong Won Hyun, Gift Exchange among States in East Asia during the Eleventh Century, Chair: Patricia Ebrey

Stefan Kamola, Rashīd al-Dīn and the Making of History in Mongol Iran, Chair: Joel Walker

Allan Lumba, Monetary Authorities: Market Knowledge and Imperial Government in the Colonial Philippines, 1892 - 1942, Chair: Vicente Rafael

Devon McCurdy, Upstream Influence: The Economy, the State, and Oregon's Landscape, 1860-2000, Chair: John Findlay

Deborah Colleen McNally, Within Patriarchy: Gender and Power in Massachusetts's Congregational Churches, 1630-1730, Chair: Richard Johnson

Monica Meadows, The Horse: Conspicuous Consumption of Embodied Masculinity in South Asia, 1600-1850, Chair: Joel Walker

Marty Manor Mullins, Slovakia’s Second City in Times of Turbulence: Košice and its Hungarians, Eastern Rite Catholics and Steelworkers in 1948, 1968, and 1989, Chair: James Felak

Julie Osborn, War, Women, Vietnam: The Mobilization of Female Images, 1954-1978, Chair: William Rorabaugh

Nathan Roberts, U.S. Forestry in the Philippines: Environment, Nationhood, and Empire, 1900-1937, Chair: Linda Nash

Amanda Swain, A Death Transformed: The Political and Social Consequences of Romas Kalanta’s Self-Immolation, Soviet Lithuania, 1972, Chair: Glennys Young


Jennifer Benner, From the Iron Cage to Eichmann: German Social Theory and the Critique of Rationalization, Chair: John Toews

Hsiao-wen Cheng, Traveling Stories and Untold Desires: Female Sexuality in Song China, 10th-13th Centuries, Chair: Patricia Ebrey

John Foster, Reconstructing Humanity: Philosophies of the Human in the German Cold War, Chair: John Toews

Chad Garcia, Horsemen  from the Edge of Empire: The Rise of the Jurchen Coalition, Chair: Patricia Ebrey

Christopher Herbert, White Power, Yellow Gold: Colonialism and Identity in the California and British Columbia Gold Rushes, 1848 – 1871, Chair: John Findlay

Jason S.  Shattuck, A Place for Every Barbarian, A Road for Every Roman: Imperium, Movement, and Roman Identity from Pompey to Hadrian, Chair: Sandra Joshel

Andrew Stone, Growing Up Soviet? The Orphans of Stalin's Revolution and Understanding the Soviet Self, Chair: Glennys Young

Nathaniel Weston, Scientific Authority, Nationalism, and Colonial Entanglements between Germany, Spain, and the Philippines, 1850 to 1900, Chair: Uta Poiger

Woonkyung Yeo, Palembang in the 1950s: The Making and Unmaking of a Region, Chair: Laurie Sears


Thomas Cramer, Defending the Double Monastery: Gender and Society in Early Medieval Europe, Chair: Robin Chapman Stacey

Joseph Creamer, In the footsteps of Becket: Episcopal Sanctity in England, 1170-1270, Chair: Robert Stacey

William Frank, Vse na lyzhi!: The Culture of Skiing in Russia and the Development of Soviet Biathlon, 1888 to 1991, Chair: Glennys Young

Holly George, Show Town: Theater, Urban Identity, and Cultural Change in Spokane, Washington, 1890-1920, Chair: John Findlay

Tristan Goldman, Imperializing hegemony: the polis and Achaemenid Persia, Chair: Carol Thomas

Trevor Griffey, Black Power's labor politics: the United Construction Workers Association and Title VII law in the 1970s, Chair: James Gregory

Sarah Lindsley, Girl pictures : the politics of sexuality and female display in the twentieth-century United States, Chair: Susan Glenn

Juned Shaikh, Dignity and Dalit Social Imaginaries: Entanglements of Caste, Class, and Space in Mumbai, 1898-1982, Chair: Anand Yang


Frederick Brown, Cows in the Commons, Dogs on the Lawn: A History of Animals in Seattle, Chair: Linda Nash

Scott Brown, Socialism with a Slovak face: The Slovak Question in the 1960s, Chair: James Felak

James Gustafson, Opium, Carpets, and Constitutionalists: A Social History of the Elite Households of Kirman, 1859-1914, Chair: Shaun Lopez

Rebecca Hughes, Africans in the British Missionary Imagination, 1910-1965, Chair: George Behlmer

Jessica Lee, Thinking women: The Intellectual Foundations of Postwar Feminist Activism, Chair: Susan Glenn

Turkiya Lowe, The Washington State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs: Social activism in Washington State's African American Women's Club Movement, 1917 to 1951, Chair: Quintard Taylor

Patrick McCormick, Mon Histories: Between Translation and Retelling, Chair: Laurie Sears

Michael Quinn, Beyond the Phalanx: Hoplites at War in Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War, 432-404 BC, Chair: Carol Thomas

Ethan Spanier, The Good Farmer in Ancient Rome: War, Agriculture and the Elite from the Republic to Early Empire, Chair: Sandra Joshel

Joshua Van Lieu, Divergent Visions of Serving the Great: The Emergence of Chosǒn-Qing Tributary Relations as a Politics of Representation, Chair: R. Kent Guy


Amy Absher, Music, Race, And Chicago: 1912-1966 , Chair: John Findlay

Elizabeth Campbell, A Heaven of Wine: Muslim-Christian Encounters at Monasteries in the Early Islamic Middle East, Chair: Florian Schwarz

Robert Hoppens, The China Problem In Postwar Japan: Japanese Nationalism And Sino-Japanese Relations 1971-1980, Chair: Kenneth Pyle

W. Benjamin Piggot, The Irvine New Town, Orange County, And The Transformation Of Suburban Political Culture, Chair: John Findlay

Matthew Sneddon, Representing Tradition In An Age Of Progress : Technology And American Identity In Exhibitions And Museums, 1824-1952, Chair: Bruce Hevly

Joseph Wycoff, The Gilded Cage : Manufacturers' Associations And The Formation Of Capitalist Class-Consciousness in the United States, 1820-1900, Chair James Gregory

Sumei Yi, The making of female deities in North China, 800-1400, Chair: Patricia Ebrey

Sun-Hee Yoon, A Hostage Court, A Hostage Past : History And Politics In Seventeenth-Century Chosŏn, Chair: Patricia Ebrey


Anna Bailey, How Scuffletown became Indian country: political change and tranformations in Indian identity in Robeson County, North Carolina, 1865-1956, Co-Chairs: James Gregory and Alexandra Harmon

Brian Barnes, Antislavery schism: abolitionists, colonizationists, and the debate over radical reform, 1830-1860, Chair: Robert Tracy McKenzie

Craig Collisson, The Fight to Legitimate Blackness: How Black Students Changed the University, Chair: Quintard Taylor

Bradley Camp Davis, States Of Banditry:The Nguyen Government, Bandit Rule, And The Culture Of Power In The Post-Taipin, Chair: Christoph Giebel

Katrina Hagen, Internationalism in Cold War Germany, Chair: Uta Poiger

Lizabeth Johnson, Kinship and Violence in Wales, 800-1415, Chair: Robin Chapman Stacey

Mahlon Meyer, Imagined families: Mainlander Identity and Memory on Taiwan During the KMT-DPP Transition, Chair: R. Kent Guy

Kaja Shonick, Émigrés, guest workers, and refugees : Yugoslav migrants in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1945-1995, Chair: Uta Poiger

Seema Sohi, Echoes Of Mutiny : Race, Empire, And Indian Anticolonialism In North America, Chair: Moon-Ho Jung

Richard Tada, Apollodorus Of Artemita And The Rise Of The Parthian Empire, Chair: Carol Thomas