R. Kent Guy

  • Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. Harvard University, 1981

Fields: China, empire and colonialism
Phone: 206-616-5279
Office: SMI 010 |

Limits on the Rule of Law: Critical Reflections on Chinese Legal Culture. Co-edited with Karen Turner and James V. Feinerman. Seattle: University of Washington Press, Forthcoming.

The Emperor's Four Treasuries: Scholars and the State in the Late Qianlong Period. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, Council on East Asian Studies, 1987.

"Zhang Tingyu and Reconciliation: The Scholar and the State in the Early Qianlong Reign." Late Imperial China 7.1 (1986): 50-62.

"Fang Pao and the Ch'in-ting Ssu-Shu wen," in Education and Society in Late Imperial China. Benjamin Elman and Alexander Woodside, eds., Berkeley: University of California Press, 1994: 150-182.