F. Mira Green

  • Lecturer

Ph.D. University of Washington, 2015

Fields: Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece

My research explores domestic hierarchies in Roman households and how those were expressed through daily routines. I am particularly interested in everyday practices that are associated with the somatic needs of the body and the objects that were used to assist these quotidian activities.  Additionally, I am also interested in slavery and sexuality in the ancient world.  I explore how those overlapped in specific instances in an effort to understand some of the daily conditions slaves faced while living in the Roman world.  


“Cooking Class:  Defining Domestic Hierarchies Through Household Objects and Daily Practice” in Public and Private in the Roman House and Society, Journal of Roman Archaeology Supplemental Series (accepted for publication August 2014).

“Witnesses and Participants in the Shadows: The Sexual Lives of Enslaved Women and Boys in Ancient Rome” in Helios 42.1 (Spring 2015): 143-162. 

“Eating and Nature: Tools of Political and Social Critique in Ancient Rome” in Rosetta 13 (2013): 42-52