Diversity Resources

The Department of History recognizes and approaches diversity as a complex and long-term project that should inform and transform everything we do. To address injustices and oversights of the past and the present, we aim to attract and retain different populations and communities in our faculty, staff, and student body. We also stress the need to offer a diverse intellectual program, including an ongoing discussion of our curriculum and pedagogy to enhance the quality and range of our graduate and undergraduate education.

Many faculty and graduate students in History are engaged with questions of how class, disability, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, and sexuality have shaped social relations and power dynamics across different time periods and geopolitical contexts. Beyond our scholarship, we realize that these are questions relevant to our immediate setting in the Department of History. As we attempt to cultivate a sense of collaboration and a climate of inclusion, we encourage all faculty, staff, and graduate students to reflect on our individual roles and Department policies and practices, pay careful attention to unequal access and power dynamics in and outside the classroom, and strive to promote equity in all aspects of our work.

Department of History Diversity Committee

The primary objectives of the Diversity Committee are to initiate and facilitate an ongoing conversation around the wide range of issues related to diversity and to propose measures to address institutional disparities. In addition to organizing and hosting workshops, seminars, and more informal gatherings, the committee works with the Chair, the Director of Graduate Studies, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, and various Department committees to make sure issues of diversity are made central to all facets of our department’s work.

Consisting of two faculty, two graduate students and two staff members, the Diversity Committee also serves as a confidential resource for students, staff, and faculty who have concerns related to climate and diversity. Any member of the department’s learning and working community may contact one or more members of the committee with concerns and questions.

2016 - 2017 Diversity Committee

Associate Professor Ileana Rodriguez-Silva (Chair)

Assistant Professor Laurie Marhoefer (Faculty Representative)

Josue Estrada (Graduate Student Representative)

Katia Chaterji (Graduate Student Representative)

Tracy Maschman Morrissey (Staff Representative)

Star Murray (Staff Representative)